Weefine Smart Housing PRO with Sensor

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WFH01 Smart Housing (Pro) is universal smart phone housing compatible with many smart phones on the market today, regardless of iOS or Android operating system. If your phone fits, it will work! Simply ensure blue tooth is turned on in your device, connect to the Smart housing app and put the phone into the housing ! Easily confirm the housing is protected by using the vacuum sealing system. Enjoy diving!

WFH01 Smart Housing

A universal smart phone housing compatible with most smart phones on market today, regardless of iOS or Android operating system.

Download Weefine Smart Housing app from the App store and start Bluetooth connection with the housing. You can shoot stills and video and choose underwater filtration and even focus lock.

Built-in vacuum system

Weefine Smart Housing has vacuum leak check circuitry and valve built-in. Just use the included pump to secure your housings against leaks before your dive.

Vacuum system lets yuou clearly know if the housing is sealed before diving. This is important to keep yourdevices safe.

Vacuum Indicaton: It enables you to know whether the housing is sealed or not before diving.
2 x AAA batteries: Long power duration, able to be bought everywhere


Built-in depth sensor & dive log

Depth sensors can detect real-time diving depth and temperature and the depth and temperature data can be recorded on photos or videos.

Beautiful photo with depth, temperature and location information


Phone clamp is adjustable

The adjustable phone clamp enables the case to fit different sizes of smartphones on the market today.

Ergonomic lock system

The lock system is simple and comfortable. Just simply rotate the knob CW. or CCW. to unlock or lock the case. It’s convenient and safe.

Wet Mount Lenses

The Smart Housing can be used with most underwater lenses with additional M52 lens holder. Use fisheye lenses like The Weefine WFL02 or other generic UWL-04 type lenses. M67 wide-angle and close-up lenses can be used with a supplied 52-67mm step-up ring.


Weefine WFH01 Smart Hosing
Nylon landyard
Spare O-ring
Lens cleanning tissue
Hand vacuum pump
User´s Manual