Saga Trio Lens

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Made of machined and anodized aluminum, it has two +5 and +10 diopter lenses that can be folded independently, thus achieving four levels of magnification.

With the two lenses raised, it will allow us to use the objective to focus even at infinity without any type of vignetting to later be able to fold the lenses independently and achieve magnifications of +5 or +10 diopters or both simultaneously, achieving a magnification equivalent to 15 diopters.

The new TRIO lens   from Saga Dive is designed to obtain an optimal result with 100-105mm macro lenses but can also be used with lenses such as 60mm or even 150 or 180mm lenses.

The fastening to the front is achieved thanks to a 67mm thread, achieving perfect ease of use with conical fronts finished in 67mm thread but it can be adapted to fronts of practically any brand thanks to the adapter that Saga Dive supplies as an accessory

In addition, at Saga Dive we think about those situations in which the body of the lens itself can make lighting or approach difficult, so we have incorporated certain mobility into the clamping design, which will allow the photographer to place the lens in the ideal position . .


General specifications

  • Aluminum body (6082)
  • 40 micron hard anodized coating
  • Thread M-67
  • Two flat BK7 lenses with anti-scratch and anti-glare coating
  • Three lenses, with group of two elements
  • Weight: 700g.
  • Fog sealing process.
  • Resistant depth: 100 meters
  • 1 group of lenses and another group of two achromatic lenses



By means of external levers, with a rotation movement towards the center we can position a lens +5 or +10

With the sum of both (+5 and +10), we will obtain a lens of +15