Saga Macro Lens +15 (EXTREME)

Saga Macro Lens +15 (EXTREME)

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In the construction of these wet macro lenses we have tried to make them as light and small as possible in order to provide user comfort, without neglecting design and aesthetics thanks to the anodizing and simplicity of the body of our wet macro lenses.

This 15 Extreme macro lens is distinguished by its multifunctionality, since it allows macro photography with a significant degree of magnification and an acceptable distance and focus range.

The thread, located at the base of the lens, is metric 67 and the final diameter is 61 mm. All this will make it easier for the flash light to enter better when we are at the minimum focus distance. We also see that the smaller diameter will allow us to lower the center of the image further if the subject to be photographed is in a flat place.


Technical characteristics of the Saga macro +15 lens - Achromatic

  • Material: Aluminum body (6082)
  • Hard anodized with 40 micron coating
  • 2 flat glass BK7 with anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating on the ends of the body
  • 3 groups of crystals composed of 2 elements. 15 diopter extreme macro lens.
  • Weight: 300gr
  • Diameter: 67mm
  • Length: 50mm