M14 Vacuum Valve with Pushbutton Release

M14 Vacuum Valve with Pushbutton Release

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Installing vacuum valve to housing

Press the red button to release pressure.   Remove the plug of the M14 accessory port from the housing. Remove the cap from the vacuum valve. Tighten the vacuum valve to the housing with the tool provided.


Depth Rating 150m
Weight 0.0218kg


Building up vacuum

Remove the cap of the vacuum valve. Connect the hand pump to the valve and pump several times until it reaches the target vacuum level. The LED light will turn flashing yellow while vacuum is building up, then steady green when the target vacuum level is reached.

Attention: After the target vacuum is reached, i.e. steady green light, attach the cap back to the vacuum valve.

It is recommended to leave the housing for at least 20mins to ensure it is sealed. If the LED light changes from steady green light to rapidly flashing yellow light, that means there is a leakage and please check every O-ring and conduct the vacuum test again.

Please ensure that the cap is attached back to the vacuum valve before going underwater.

Vacuum can be released by pushing the red release button.

Attention: Please DO NOT attempt to go over the designated vacuum level, i.e. stop pumping when the LED turn green. Excessive vacuum level may lead to the malfunction of the camera and lens.

Note: Although the vacuum indicator is designated to compensate for a certain amount of temperature variation, it is recommended to conduct the vacuum test in an environment where the temperature is stable.

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 After set up, the meaning of the LED indicator in the housing:

LED indicator Status
Flashing “Blue” light Standby mode. The moisture alarm is active, and the system is ready for vacuum indication whenever a vacuum is detected.
Flashing “Red” light with beeping sound Moisture is detected.
Flashing “Yellow” light Some vacuum is detected, target vacuum level is not reached.
Steady “Green” light Target vacuum level is reached.
Rapidly flashing “Yellow” light Vacuum is dropping. (Will occur only after target vacuum level is reached)
Rapidly flashing “Red” light Vacuum is totally lost. Circuit stalled until switched off. (Will occur only after target vacuum level is reached)