GULL Anti Fog Film

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Anti - fogging property: It prevents formation of water drops which cause cloudiness with the super hydrophilicity, water film Since it does not make water drops, it will not cloud. 
· Antifouling property: Dirt is hard to adhere to the film surface due to the action of water film. 
· Dedicated size expansion tailored to:
 1. Mantis LV (binocular left-right asymmetric) 
 2. Vader (single eye) 
 3. Vader fanette (single lens) 
 4. Coco (single lens)
Mounting Method

1. If there is dirt on the lens surface of the mask, wash it thoroughly and remove the dirt before attaching the film. Please keep in mind that it may interfere with visibility if dust etc. remain attached. 

2. Peel off the protective film (transparent film) on the side to be adhere to the lens with the guide tape and paste it on the inside of the mask lens. When sticking, align the outside of the lens, then paste the center part of the mask back and paste. Please reposition if needed.

3. Hold the film in the center of the mask tightly so that air bubbles do not get in between the lens and the film, push the bubble tightly with the other fingers carefully . 

4. Please paste the lens on the opposite side (only two eyes) according to the above procedure and complete it. 

5. Please peel off protective film (glossy film) with guide tape before diving. 

Life of Film
Depending on usage, it will be around somewhat, but it will be about a year from the start of use. 
When the anti-fogging effect drops markedly, please replace with a new film.