Saga Flip Lens Holder (Double)

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The double folding SAGA support is one of our most requested products due to its simplicity and efficiency of use, an essential element for photographic equipment when attaching macro magnification lenses in a comfortable, fast and simple way.

Being double, it allows the coupling of two lenses without having to change it by unscrewing.

With this double SAGA support, we avoid having to be screwing and unscrewing the lens on the front, thereby saving time and avoiding the lifting of particles when we manipulate the lens.

This product allows mounting on metric 67 fronts.



  • Double folding support composed of three rings (the central one and the two that close on it) with folding closure system
  • Material: Constructed of duralumin, with a black anodized finish
  • Weight: 180 grams
  • Circle diameter: 85mm