FLEXISHADE Outdoor Foldable Sunglasses

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Look cool with the world's first sunglasses that clip to your head! 

Are you also frustrated with having your sunnies repeatedly, falling off your face? Say hello to FlexiShades™ Outdoor Fold-able Sunglasses! They clip to your head so they never fall off, making them the world's first ever sunglasses to accomplish such feat! 

The perfect complement to your demanding and active lifestyle, these sunglasses feature lens and frames in various colours. When not being worn, they can be flexibly folded and clipped onto anything: 

To use:

1. How to wear. Simply straighten FlexiShades' silicone arms and unfold the nose hinge before putting them on. Clip them behind your ears and look instantly stylish! 

2. How to fold and clip. Unclip the arms, then fold the agile frames at the nose bridge and hold them by the frames. These sunglasses now clip on your wrist, bike handle, anything! 

  • Available in several colors
  • 100% Protection from harmful UV rays (Grading: 380)
  • Materials: tactile silicone (arms)
  • Durable, lightweight