Apollo Bio Metal

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  • Type D Flange: Incorporating the opinions of a wide range of other countries, has adopted to optimize the flange shape to fit in more widely with people of each country. The type-D especially improves the fit around the nose, root of nose and forehead, so the type-D will fit in at a high probability even with the people who are not satisfied with the conventional flanges.
  • The surface plane is shifted by 5 degree toward downward compared with the type-A and type-B so that it improves the downward visibility of the abdomen to the feet. Moreover it gives a sense of more stylish appearance.
  • The double-lip structure has further evolved to the “advanced double-lip” structure with a larger arc cross-sectional shape which makes the pressure on the outer periphery of the face more gradually and progressively weaken toward outside, so that it hardly leaves marks on the face.
  • Optimizing the shape and length of the lip under the nose, to prevent displacement of the mask while effectively preventing the entry of water when pinch the nose for ear clearing.
  • The patented technology “brilliant-and -smoke finish” has also further evoluted. The outside surface is matted finished for easy cleaning, preventing adhesion of dirt and Virile appearance.
  • Silicone Anti-adhesive Sheet: The silicone component volatilized from silicone rubber will stubbornly adheres to the inner surface of the mask lens. It is a thing quite difficult to remove. To avoid this, we put the silicone anti-adhesion sheet on the inner surface of the mask lens at the time of manufacturing. Because of the low coefficient of viscosity with this protection sheet, the sheet can be easily removed and also repeatedly reused. After the mask is used, wash and dry the mask, then put back the protection sheet on the inner surface of the mask lens. It minimizes the occurrence of fogging due to the volatilized silicone even after long-term storage.

Apollo Bio Metal Mask 95 cc Features

  • Fits medium to large adult faces
  • Super Strong, slim-line Aluminium Frame
  • Low 95 cc Volume Brings Eyes Closer to Lenses, thereby Increasing Field of Vision
  • Reduced Width Across Nose Centres Eyes in Lenses, thereby Eliminating Distortion Common in Most Masks
  • Uniquely Shaped Silicon Skirt Brings Unparalleled Comfort, Fit and Sealing
  • Prescription Lenses Available: -1.0 to -9.0 in 0.5 increments
  • Supplied in Clear Plastic Protective Storage Box
  • Made and Hand Crafted in Japan