AOI UWL-03 Wide Angle Lens for Action Camera & Phone (0.73x)

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Action camera and camera phone, face challenges that are both man-made and natural. For example, the underwater housings produced for an action camera or camera phone commonly employs a flat port design, which then results in image distortions such as curved or soft edges when used underwater. A typical action camera produces a wide-angle look and is able focus on everything if it is far enough. But this same feature prevents the camera from getting closer, which is almost the mantra for underwater photos or videos. Likewise, the underwater environment presents a whole host of challenges such as loss of light, color loss, diffusion, refraction and many more. Water conditions such as turbidity or currents can affect the clarity of the image or video. To overcome or reduce the effect of these challenges is often as simple as getting close to the subject.

The new UWL-03 will allow a typical action camera to get up to 4x* closer to the subject. Simply by mounting the wet lens to an action camera or camera phone, it remedies the distortion caused by the flat port of an underwater housing. When used with camera phones, it allows features such as macro or ultra wide-angle to be useable underwater. The lens will correct the distortion and recover the field of vision lost when underwater. Many professional photographers tout the importance of being close to the subject but often needing specialized equipment. Now, the average water enthusiast, armed with just an action camera or phone camera can get close and obtain greater results more consistently.

Without a doubt, there are numerous advantages in getting closer:

  • By getting closer, it reduces the number of particles between the subject and the camera. This improves the clarity of the images or videos.
  • By getting closer, the dissipation of light by water is lessened. Colors recovered by using external lights will be more vibrant and richer.
  • By getting closer, the subjects will appear larger on screen. Small subjects will now appear more prominently.
  • By getting closer, the action becomes more obvious. No more searching for the subject.
  • By getting closer, stability is greater, and chances of motion blur are less.

Getting closer was not the only design criteria, equally critical was finding a way to mount the lens on the many different types of housing for the different devices. The mounting solution needed to be robust and yet easy to use. The lens will employ a new mounting system known as the QRS-02, or affectionately known as the Q2 mount. Taking a cue from the hugely successful AOI Quick Release System, the Q2 employs a bayonet-like mount that is easy to attach while underwater and is secured in place with a locking mechanism. Another benefit of the Q2—it is compatible with lenses that employ a similar and popular bayonet mechanism. Offering greater flexibility and choice to the user.

The lens is also designed to be lightweight and compact in size. The aim is to reduce drag and improve hydrodynamics. The user should still be able to move around freely—adding on a wet lens should not result in a bulky and cumbersome rig.

Lens Construction:
  • 4 Elements in 4 Groups
Lens Coating: 
  • Glass Lens Elements with Multi-layers AR Coating
  • Front Dome Element in Polycarbonate with Hard Coating
Field of View:
  • 140° (underwater)
  • 150° (on land)
  • 0.73X (underwater)
Mounting System:
  • Using AOI Quick Release System- 02 (QRS-02)
  • Lens pre-installed with Q2 Mount (compatible with the most popular AD Mount)
  • Optional Mounting Adapter in M55, M52 & M46 available
Depth Rating: 
  • 60 Meters / 200 Ft.
Lens Barrel / Lens Hood Material: 
  • Aluminum Alloy with Black Hard Anodized / Polycarbonate
Weight (on land / underwater):
  • 331g (on land), 
  • 170g (underwater)
  • 99mm (D) X40.3mm (H)
  • Neoprene Front Dome Cover & Rear Lens Cap, Lens Secure Line, Lens Pouch


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