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Power we know is desirable in fins, but agility is not often talked about. Agility is being able to quickly and accurately adjust your position, to easily change and control your movement and pace through the water, in any direction.

The iconic, even old fashioned rubber fin style has held its own in this regard for many years, but now, through advanced materials technology and design, there is a new more powerful and agile champion about to claim the crown.

High power and increased agility

  • Careful blade design both increases power and maneuverability. 


Advanced material compound

  • Traditional rubber can harden in low temperatures, soften in high - not the tough material in the EX1 fins though - consistently high performing. 


Choice of 3 stiffness levels

  • 3 different fin stiffness levels means you can choose a fin for your exact needs.


Soft footpocket entry

  • Softer material in the upper footpocket prevents drysuit boot wear and is much more comfortable.